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At Exclusive Web Design our motto is"SERVICE WITH AN AFTER SERVICE". For a customer it is very important to know that the initial web site developer is a brand name who will keep on giving customers reliable services and support for years to come. Be confident that we will surely always be available in need of upgrading or updating your web site. Here is a few examples of very successful sites developed and maintained by Exclusive Web Design.

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This is a web hosting company that offers great deals for both beginners and advance or resellers hosting.
The site is E-commerce and make use of database, excepting credit cart payments on line, complete billing system.
Very advance and competitive site
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Arzike, Southern Africa's search engine and online directory. This web site make use of the later's .NET and SQL technologies. It have a fully functional web crawler (Spider), Sponsor Links, Banners and much more.
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This particular web site is designed for a business which needed something simple,because the owner felt that the web site visitors were not keen internet surfers. He claims that one month after we released the site onto the web his business improved by 30%. His site is updated daily because of the nature of his business, new vehicles purchased etc.
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HealthCor is an extremely useful site. It enables the viewer to research a variety of health coverage according to their personal needs, ranging from medical, funeral, pension, savings, etc. It offers more specific features that apply to certain needs.
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Bed and breakfast Laletsa lodge. It is a nice and clean design which compliments the lodge and its exterior. It is also very easy to navigate around the pages. Believe it or not but when the page was released the owner claimed that he had up to 80 enquiries a day!
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They specialize in importing affordable vehicles, mainly jeep and other luxury cars. Because they get new cars on weekly bases we updating the site regularly.
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Exhibition Photos have been specializing in major Conferences and Exhibitions since the ICC has been established. They are based at the Hilton Hotel and therefore offer a unique photographic service to delegates and guests attending conferences and functions, in addition they obtain them own lab, a dedicated team and sophisticated equipment.
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Copy Cats are an established , commissioned , silkscreen printing and embroidery company, who have been in operation for the past 14 years.
They supply printed and embroidered garments/panels/goods as per your specification. They specialize in screen printing and embroidery on all types of textile fabrics and vinyl e.g.
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Gambling on line! This casino on line site is very nice,easy to access and with lots of different games. Banners are also made for the casino on a regular basis. This is a very competitive site.
Watch the Time is a one great example of online presentation. It is more like a catalog of what this business has to offer.

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