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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about web site design and establishing an Internet presence.

  • Where do I begin?

  • Getting your site on the web involves three basic components:
    1. Domain Name (www.yourcompany.com)
    2. Host
    3. Documents and files that make up your site.
    Exclusive Web Design can do all of the above for you.

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  • How do I register my domain name?

  • The first step is to find out whether or not the name you want is available. For your convenience, we have designed a page so you can use it to check the availability of domain names. Once you've found a suitable name, you can let us know so we can register it for you. If you are registering a domain for the purpose of putting up a web site (as opposed to simply parking the domain), you may need to provide the register with two Domain Name Server (DNS) numbers. DNS numbers can be obtained from your host. If you hire Exclusive Web Design to design your site, this will all be done for you.

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  • What is "hosting"?

  • If you want your web site to be available to the public, it must be stored on a computer that is connected 24/7 to the Internet and is accessible to other computers. This computer is called a server. A host is a company that operates such computers and provides space on the computer's hard drive for you to store your web site files. The host charges a fee for rental of space on their server. Exclusive Web Design provides hosting for our web design clients.

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  • What should I have on my site?

  • The most important feature of any web site is content. Your site can be the most stunningly attractive presentation, but if it doesn't have something that is useful to the visitor, it isn't likely that they'll stay long or even bother to visit again. This should be given very careful thought before you begin putting together your project. Think about what kind of information will be useful to people who are interested in your product or service.
    If, for example, your company sells motor vehicles, consider putting together a collection of design hints and tips for your visitors. An industrial equipment manufacturer might include "Top Ten Ways to Increase Productivity" or "Frequently Asked Questions About Quality Control."

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  • Can't I design my own site?

  • Yes, you can. Before you start the construction of your own web site, there are a few things you'll need to know or you may end up with a site that doesn't work and may actually do your business more harm than good. Many businesses try to design their own sites using web design software only to find out that it just isn't that simple.
    If you wish to design your own site, here's what you'll need to know:
    HyperText Markup Language
    Cascading Style Sheets
    Use of Color
    Active Servers Pages
    Computer Platforms
    Graphics creation, optimization and compression
    The Future of the Web

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  • How can I tell if a designer is good?

  • Perhaps the most important thing when hiring a web designer is the portfolio. A qualified web designer and developer will have samples of their work available online. Visit a few of these sites and see how well they hold up under different circumstances and with different browsers. If possible, check the sites using several different browsers, including an old (4.0) version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Are the presentations attractive? Do the pages load quickly or are you forced to wait? Do the pages fall apart when viewed at different screen resolutions?
    Be wary of designers who claim to be professional but haven't actually studied the languages and technologies used in designing and development of web sites.

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  • How much it cost?

  • The cost of having a web site designed professionally varies greatly and it depends on a number of things. The number of pages, number and complexity of custom graphics, number and complexity of advanced functions requiring custom programming, how much of the content is to be provided by you and how much is to be developed by the designer are all considered in determining the final cost. Exclusive Web Design's pricing is very competitive and we believe we provide our clients with an excellent value.

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  • Why don't you have prices listed on your web site?

  • We don't have prices listed because there are none-each site is approached in a creative and unique way. We DO NOT use pre-generated templates, we also DO NOT borrow code or designs. Everything on our sites is uniquely developed by Exclusive Web Design on a client by client basis. Due to this, we prefer to evaluate each clients needs and then give them a quote on their web site. We will not charge the client more than the quote, but if some tasks take less time then budgeted for, we will charge them under the given quote.
    We offer "Free Quotes". We usually arrange a meeting, where we discuss the prospective client's needs. Then we prepare a quote and prototypes, and provide these to the prospective client. If they do not want to work with us after obtaining this information, there is no charge or cost to the client.

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  • I can get a site for just $500. Why don't I want to do that?

  • It costs too much. Not in immediate spendable monies, but in the long-term, it will cost you far more to buy a "bargain basement" web page then it will to spend the extra money for a personally designed website that meets all of your needs. Unlike many "bargain web sites" we are a company with a president who has experience in web design, web development design, web programming. We have actual costs and overheads we need to meet, and a sense of ethics that would not be served by giving you a template site that looks like anyone else's.
    You might as well take a chance, in any event. A quote is free, and won't take anymore time from you then you would spend being frustrated by your five hundred dollar or free site. If you really do not have more then 500 dollars for a unique, custom designed website, then we do have other alternatives. One of these is our business guide, which offers a small amount of web space to a number of business for a small monthly fee. If this is not the solution for you, and you still would like us to work for you, please contact us, letting us know your budget, and we will see where we can compromise.

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  • How will I get people to visit the site?

  • Promoting a web site can and should be done through various media, up to and including newspaper, television and radio ads. Internet search engines such as Google Yahoo and Altavista can be helpful, but it is best not to rely on them to bring you all of your visitors. For more information on how to get people to visit your site, see Promoting Your Web Site.

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  • What is it with Search Engine Ranking and why do I care?

  • Search engine ranking is one of the most important elements of your site. If you are a national corporation with limitless advertising money and a strong brand then you don't need to worry about being found in a search you've already posted your URL on every poster, store, product, and service that bears your brand. We find that the vast majority of companies do not fall into this category. Instead, they are people who sign up for "guaranteed ways to improve your ranking- instantly!" These types of programs are both misleading and fraudulent. Search engine ranking, due to the way the internet and search engines work, takes at least 48 hours to be affected by any changes. It may take over a week. Search engine ranking depends on a large number of variables, including keywords, content, page titles, code, and url. It is a complex and complicated science, and requires human interaction to "make it work". When we are contracted to improve a site's ranking, we will use a number of programs we have found successful, and spend a few hours each week submitting the site to directories and listings. We will also evaluate content and code for possible improvement.

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  • How will I know how many people have visited my site?

  • Sites design by Exclusive Web Design include a site statistics feature that will provide you with complete information about how often your site is being visited. This feature not only tells you how many times your pages have been viewed, but also who is linking to you, where your visitors are coming from, what browser they are using to view your site, what your most and least popular pages are, and more. There is no extra setup fee for installing this feature on your site.

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  • What is E-commerce web site?

  • E-commerce is the sale of tangible goods through a web site and usually involves the acceptance of credit card orders via the web. E-commerce web site range from the very simple to the enormously complex.
    The easiest way to start accepting credit card orders from your site is to employ a third party to handle all of the credit card processing chores for a small percentage of each sale, usually about eight or nine percent. Using this method makes it possible to sell products online with very little set-up cost. Other methods may involve custom shopping cart applications, product databases, merchant accounts and secure certificates. These are more costly, but may be worthwhile depending on your needs.

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  • Do I need to have a merchant account in order to sell products online?

  • No. There are plenty of credit card processors online which only charges a small percentage of your sales. We recommend Charge.com or PayPal.com. Visit their web sites for more info.

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  • How long will it take to design my site?

  • This depends on a number of factors. Average development time for a simple, medium-sized web site is about two weeks, a more complicated site can take something like four weeks.

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  • Will I be able to make changes to my own site?

  • Yes. Although we prefer to maintain your site for you we can give you the option of doing so yourself. We will provide you with a copy of your site on cd-rom and give you your account info for ftp access.

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  • Why should I hire Exclusive Web Design?

  • We are an Experienced, Reliable, Professional, firm.
    Exclusive Web Design has a number of years experience in the field of web site development.
    Reliability: Unlike many of the fly-by-night design outfits that have surfaced (and just as quickly disappeared!) in the last few years, we're in this for the long haul. When your site needs a facelift somewhere down the road, we'll still be here, ready to provide the same prompt, friendly and excellent service you've come to expect from us.
    Professionalism: The sites we construct are always done to the client's specifications. We never use any kind of prefabricated templates; each web presentation is custom-built, from the ground up. We have the knowledge and experience to advise you concerning what will be the best approach to presenting your information to a web audience, when to use the latest technology and when doing so will present accessibility issues for your users.

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